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The Licensing Division of Henry Turner Jr. and related ventures, ie. Henry Turner Jr. & Flavor, Henry Turner Jr.s’ Listening Room and Heritage Museum, Hit City Digital Records and the Ultimate Louisiana Party concepts and its various incarnations is charged with the responsibility of protecting and preserving the integrity of above noted ventures’ image, music, clubs, festivals and other related entities, properties and projects. 

We accomplish this through the pursuit of the right commercial opportunities that fit with our financial strategies, while maintaining desired branding and positioning for Henry Turner Jr.

We devote personalized attention to each of our licensees and are sensitive to the unique situations and financial goals of each. Through years of experience combined with a true sense of support and responsiveness for our licensees distinguish the Licensing Division.

Please be advised that all costs and expenditures associated with artwork, concepts, samples, prototypes and proposals prepared and submitted by a prospective licensee to the Licensing Division, in connection with a license, are to be borne solely by the prospective licensee.

Issuance of a licensing agreement for your product will depend greatly on the product, quality, creativity, sales projections and channels of distribution.

A guaranteed minimum royalty and an advance upon execution of the signed agreement is expected.

Contact us today and let us explore how we can develop mutually beneficial merchandising and licensing programs.


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