Henry Turner Jr.s' Listening Room and Heritage Museum is open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Enjoy bands, solo artists, tracks and special guests.  Cover is $10.

5WAG made his Baton Rouge debut at the room. He is considered one of New Orlean's premiere traffic dancers. He is now adding rap songs and beats. 


One-Trick Pony blends Acid Blues, American with Straight out Rock n' Roll.

One-Trick Pony

Alberta is a goth blues act that is on a perpetual tour of the United States. 


Postponed until next year...

Big Mike and the R&B Kings are a six piece horn driven band who are staples on the New Orleans scene. The blues artist is known for his aggressive Chicago style of blues funk/rock fusion and powerful, soulful vocals. 

Big Mike and the R&B Kings

Uncle Chess is Southern Soul/R&B singer and songwriter. Some of his better knowns songs are "Party, Party, Party," "Lost in a Crowded Room" and "They're Calling Me." 

Uncle Chess

Lee Tyme considers himself a blues rapper. His distinct combination of genres is upbeat and a crowd pleaser. 

Lee Tyme

Eddie “Cool” Deemer is Henry Turner Jr.’s Listening Room’s resident comic. His ability to string movie titles, candy and household products into stories always make people laugh.

Eddie "Cool" Deamer

‘Nspire is a spoken word artist, producer, and motivational speaker. He is also the producer and host of the upcoming TV show “Be a Blessing with ‘Nspire” that will air on the Pelican Channel.


Larry “LZ” Dillion plays bass with the band.  A native Louisianan he moved to New York State after Hurricane Katrina, but missing his home state soon returned. He is also one of the Listening Room All-Stars, the accomplished singer/songwriter has performed in clubs around globe. 

Larry "LZ" Dillon

Drummer and background vocalist LIONEL “LEGATO” WHITE was born and raised in 8th Ward New Orleans. He is the personification of his hometown’s soul, style and sound.

Lionel "Legato" White

Songstress MOLLY MILNE, aka Ms. Molly, ihas sung 1st soprano at Tara High School and with the LSU Symphony Chorus, as well as in numerous church productions.  After a hiatus she recently returned to the band. 

Molly Milne

Mike Zerangue is Henry Turner Jr.’s Listening Room drummer. The Baton Rouge native played drums in numerous rock and blues bands growing up. He also frequented Tabby’s Blues Box in its heyday. Focusing on raising a family and on his career as an engineer he is now getting back into is musical roots.  

Mike Zerangue

Fret Medics is a five-piece classic rock and roll band from Baton Rouge, LA that plays “original music with a vintage sound

Fret Medics

Based in Dallas, Texas. Leighton Fields is thought provoking songwriting, paired with head bobbing, and heart throbbing soul and blues. 

Leighton Fields

Brazilian born Geovane Santos performs his original compositions that fuse Brazilian music with New Orleans funk, West African rhythms and Caribbean beats.

Geovane Santos

The Peruvian born blues guitarist and singer/songwriter's take on music has a distinctive latin flair. 

Dan Aguilar

Wyanda Paul is one of Henry Turner Jr.'s Listening Room All-stars. She is a noted Jazz/gospel singer with roots deep into the current Christian contemporary music scene. 

Wynda Paul

ANDREW BERNARD is a saxophone player who was a member of John Fred and his Playboy band. He also wrote one of their largest hit songs, “Judy in Disguise (with glasses).”

Andrew Bernard

New Orleans singer/songwriter debuted her Lilli Lewis "Orange Vol. 2, Anatomy” at the room. The Louisiana Red Hot Records folk rock diva is always a crowd pleaser.   

Lilli Lewis

NOISEWATER is a new New Orleans funk band comprised of musicians from a diverse background. The members have played the specter of music from Metal to Big Band and Jazz to Progressive Rock.

Noise Water
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