Henry Turner Jr. established Henry Turner Jr.s’ Listening Room in 2014. The venue was originally open every Thursday from 8:00pm to midnight. Now it is open three days a week on Friday and Saturdays, as well. It is dedicated to promoting and introducing new and original musical talent. It is a place where the stars of tomorrow are made! Since opening local, regional and national touring acts have graced the stage. Each show has multiple performers and closes with a headline performance by Henry Turner Jr. & Flavor. Admission is $10.00.

Currently the room has cultivated Henry Turner Jr.'s Listening Room All-Stars. These performers include Southern Soul singers Uncle Chess and April "Sexy Red" Jackson. Blues rapper Lee Tyme. R&B singer Xavie Shorts,  and Louisiana singer/songwriter Larry "LZ" Dillon, along with comedian Eddie Cool.  Some or all of these performers may participate on any given week.  

Local acts have included Smokehouse Porter and Miss Mamie, the ‘thinking man’s drinking band,’ The Rakers, former American Idol contestant Mikey Duran, the Bayou Bullets with  guitarist Ashton Proctor, singer/songwriter Anna Byers,  saxophonist St. Frantic,and Ameal Cameron.  

Regional acts have included Orleans Records’ Carlo Ditta and American poet John Sinclair,  Nashville’s Danika Holmes and Jeb Hart and Sara Collins, with national touring acts 

Skylar, former X-Factor contestant, and New York City's blues band Brewster Moonface. 

Friday shows feature music from touring acts around the country, a fish fry and  sometimes undiscovered bands, or new record releases. Admission is $10.00.

Saturday night features live performances with Henry Turner Jr. and Special Guests.  Admission is $10.00


Henry Turner Jr.'s Listening Room is smoke free. No alcohol is served, just sodas and water, so all ages are welcome to attend.  

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